The Laboratory for Networked Existence (NetXT)

Arizona State University - Fulton Schools of Engineering

Welcome to the NetXT Lab at Arizona State University!

We live in a networked world with different networks all around us, our computers, power grids, transportation systems, water distribution systems, are all networked. Even our human relationships are networked through our social networks.

The goal of our research lab is to study the fundamental science behind all these networks, or the study of Network Science.

What we do - The science of Networks, or Network Science

Network Science study is Interdisciplinary

Network Science

The study of Network Science involves developing concepts and techniques in interdisciplinary domains such as Graph Theory, Algorithms and Complexity Theory, Machine Learning, Data Science and Information visualization to address the complex needs of todays society.

Applications of Network Science

Network Science

Due to the complex and interdependent nature of the networks surrounding all of us, the study of Network Science finds applications in several networks that we rely on for our infrastructural, economic and social needs. The study of Network Science allows better understanding of critical networks that enables us to build more robust, resilient and scalable networks.