The Laboratory for Networked Existence (NetXT)

Arizona State University - Fulton Schools of Engineering


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Principal Researchers


Arunabha Sen - Arizona State University
Prof. Arunabha (Arun) Sen
School of Computing, Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering
Arizona State University
Tel: 480-965-6153
Email: asen (at) asu (dot) edu

Current PhD Students


Arizona State University
Chenyang Zhou
Email: czhou24 (at) asu (dot) edu
Arizona State University
Kaustav Basu
Email: kbasu2 (at) asu (dot) edu

Arizona State University
Sohini Roy
Email: sohini (dot) roy (at) asu (dot) edu

Current Masters Students



Past PhD Students


Arizona State University
Joydeep Banerjee
Email: jbanerje (at) asu (dot) edu
Graduated: July 2017 (PhD)
Dissertation: Vulnerability and Protection Analysis of Critical Infrastructure Systems
Google Scholar: Link
Arun Das - Arizona State University
Arun Das
Email: arun (dot) das (at) asu (dot) edu
Graduated: December 2016 (PhD)
Dissertation: Modeling, Analysis, and Efficient Resource Allocation in Cyber-Physical Systems and Critical Infrastructure Networks
Google Scholar: Link
Home Page:

Anisha Mazumder - Arizona State University
Anisha Mazumder
Email: anisha (dot) mazumder (at) asu (dot) edu
Graduated: December 2016 (PhD)
Dissertation:Optimal Resource Allocation in Social and Critical Infrastructure Networks
Google Scholar: Link
Shahrzad Shirazipourazad - Arizona State University
Shahrzad Shirazipourazad
Email: shahrzad (dot) azad (at) asu (dot) edu
Graduated: December 2014 (PhD)
Dissertation: Resource Allocation in Communication and Social Networks
Google Scholar: Link

Sujogya Banerjee - Arizona State University
Sujogya Banerjee
Email: sujogya (at) asu (dot) edu
Graduated: July 2013 (PhD)
Dissertation: Design, Analysis and Resource Allocations in Networks In Presence of Region-Based Faults
Google Scholar: Link
Arizona State University
Nibedita Das
Email: nmaulik (at) asu (dot) edu
Graduated: July 2010 (PhD)
Dissertation: Coverage and connectivity problems for sensor networks

Pavel Ghosh - Arizona State University
Pavel Ghosh
Email: pavel (dot) ghosh (at) asu (dot) edu
Graduated: December 2009 (PhD)
Dissertation: Mapping and islanding problems in small scale on-chip networks and large scale power grid networks
Sudheendra Murthy - Arizona State University
Sudheendra Murthy
Email: sudhi (at) asu (dot) edu
Graduated: May 2009 (PhD)
Dissertation: Efficient resource allocation techniques for improved capacity in optical and wireless networks
Google Scholar: Link

Past Masters Students


Harsh Vachhani
Email:hvachhan (at) asu (dot) edu
Arvind Ravi
Email: arvind (dot) ravi (at) asu (dot) edu
Mythili Srinivasan
Email: msriniv4 (at) asu (dot) edu

Kanisha Khaitan
Email:kkhaitan (at) asu (dot) edu
Prasad Hegde
Email: prasad (dot) hegde (at) asu (dot) edu
Bharath Yadav
Email: bsyadav (at) asu (dot) edu

Rachana Maniyar
Email: rachana (dot) maniyar (at) gmail (dot) com
Shriniwas Kulkarni
Email: shriniwas (dot) kulkarni (at) asu (dot) edu
Kiran Shastri
Email: sirkus_1999 (at) yahoo (dot) com